10th Biology Chapter 10 Notes Gaseous Exchange in Human

10th Biology Chapter 10 Notes Gaseous Exchange in Human. Download 10th Biology Chapter 10 Notes. All these Question are well prepared and easy to understandable and according to the ability of valued student.

Differentiate between breathing and cellular respiration?

The process during which animals inhale air to urge oxygen and release CO2 is named breathing. While the method of mechanical and biochemical collectively called respiration.

How will you differentiate between a stoma and a lenticel?

The tiny space present between upper epidermis of leaves is named stoma during which exchange of gases happen. While small pores present within the tree bark is understood as lenticel.

Write two bad effects of smoking?

  1. Increase risk of cancer.
  2. Cancer in cough, thoracic cavity infects bronchus.

Who is passive smoker and the way they’re affected?

Those people that not doing smoking but affect by other person smoking.

What are vocal cords?

2 pairs of fibrous bands

What are nostrils?

Opening of nose is named nostrils.

Define diaphragm?

Densely musculature.

Define bronchitis?

Inflammation in bronchi is named bronchitis.

What are intercostal muscles?

Ribs muscles

Define Inhalation?

Taking air in to the body is named inhalation during this process rib muscles contract ribs enhance.

Define exhalation?

Expelled out impure air.

Define arteria sclerosis?

When concentration of platelets is increased by normal range then artery become narrow.

What is asthma?

Allergy reaction thanks to inflammation of bronchi fluid production.

What are the symptoms of asthma?

Shortness of breath, is tightness.

Define epiglottis?

The glottis covered by strong tissue is named epiglottis

Write the difference between Acute and chronic bronchitis?

In acute bronchitis end 2 weeks and recover patients soon. While chronic find yourself to four months.

What’s larynx?

Cartilage box is named larynx.

Define aerobic respiration?

The method during which oxygen utilize is named aerobic respiration.

Define nasal cavity?

The cavity during which nose enclose is named cavity.

what’s emphysema?

Break down of is alveoli wall is understood as emphysema.

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