10th Biology Chapter 12 Coordination and Control Notes

10th Biology Chapter 12 Coordination and Control Notes. Download Complete 10th Biology Chapter 12 notes for Coordination and Control. Here are approximately all important question are available for better preparation of examination.

Question. Define Stimuli and Response?

Answer. Stimuli Those factors which carry response on certain things like light, temperature etc., Response. When receive signal the action of affecter happens.

Question. How brain is protected?

Answer. Cranium and meninges.

Question. what’s paralysis?

Answer. All loss of muscle function. Damage the central systema nervosum.

Question. Write its symptoms?

function. Damage throughout body. Lower body side all four limbs.

Question. what’s meant by myelin sheath?

Answer. carboxylic acid layer around Schwann cell is understood as medullary sheath.

Question. what’s spindle cord?

Answer. Bundle of nerves its initiate brain somatic cell and continuous on a lower back.

Question. what’s somatic nervous system?

Answer. its response which is our control and due to our wish.

Question. How unicellular organisms coordinate their functions? 

Answer. Organisms show coordination response against chemical stimuli.

Question. How ears maintain body balance?

Answer. sense organ and vestibules both are help to take care of our body balance. Semicircular contain any nerve which control the movement of head and vestibule’s function control posterior body side.

Question. Define coordination with its two type?

Answer. When tissues and organ work together is named coordination. Nervous coordination and chemical coordination.

Question. what’s different between receptor and affecter?

Answer. The organ or tissues which detect stimuli is named receptor and people which show action is understood as affecter.

Question. Write down the function of thalamus?

Answer. Connection between all parts of brain and medulla spinalis. Receive and modify all message to other part.

Question. Write down the structure of internal ear?

Answer. It compose of three parts cord. Receive cochlea. internal ear central part is vestibule cochlea is formed of three ducts which wrap around one another.

Question. what’s myopia?

Answer. Eye ball elongation is named myopia.

10th Biology Chapter 11 – Homeostasis Notes

Question. what’s function of parathormone?

Answer. Parathormone enhance the extent of calcium in blood more salts absorbed from the bone and send to blood.

Question. Write the function of dendrite and axon?

Answer. The dendrite conduct impulses toward cell body and axon conduct far away from the cell body.

Question. What are Salutatory impulses?

Answer. Those impulses which skip the world of medullary sheath from node to node.

Question. What are meninges?

Answer. Three layers of brain covering is understood as meninges.

Question. Write down the function of midbrain?

Answer. Receive information and send it to forebrain.

Question. what’s ganglion?

Answer. Cell body neurons aggregation is named ganglion.

Question. Write two function of oxytocin?

Answer. Stimulate the contraction of uterus, and necessary for ejection of milk.

Question. Define color blindness?

Answer. Fail to differentiate different between colors

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