11th Result of All Board in Pakistan | Intermediate Part 1 Result

11th Result of All Board in Pakistan| Intermediate Part 01 Result. All BISE’s in Pakistan has decided that the Intermediate result 2019, will be announced on 09 October , Wednesday at 10:00 A.M.

All the Position Holders of intermediate result , will be honored by prizes.

Intermediate Result of All Board in Pakistan
Intermediate Result of All Board in Pakistan

The Intermediate 11th result wailing candidate can get their result from Elmseekho by visiting the officials website of Intermediate BISE’s in Pakistan. Links for BISE’s Result are also given below.

You can check Result of BISE multan , FSc Part 1 Result , ICS Result , SSC part-1 result and SSC part-2 result on Elmseekho.com at 09 October 2019, Wednesday at 10:00 A.M.

All Boards SMS Code to Get Your 11th Class Result . Result of 11th Annual examination will be announced on date 09 – October- at 10:10 AM
ﭘﻨﺠﺎﺏ ﺑﮭﺮ ﮐﮯﺗﻤﺎﻡ ﺗﻌﻠﯿﻤﯽ ﺑﻮﺭﮈﺯ انٹرمیڈیٹ ﮐﮯ ﺭﺯﻟﭧ ﮐﺎ ﺍﻋﻼن 09 اکتوبر ﮐﻮ ﺩﻥ 10 ﺑﺞ ﮐﺮ 10 ﻣﻨﭧ ﭘﺮ ﮐﺮﯾﮟ ﮔﮯ۔ ﺭﺯﻟﭧ ﻣﻮﺑﺎﺋﻞ ﻓﻮﻥ ﮐﮯ ﺫﺭﯾﻌﮯ ﺑﮭﯽ ﻣﻌﻠﻮﻡ ﮐﯿﺎ ﺟﺎ ﺳﮑﮯ ﮔﺎ۔
ﻣﻮﺑﺎﺋﻞ ﺳﮯ ﺭﺯﻟﭧ ﻣﻌﻠﻮﻡ ﮐﺮﻧﮯ ﮐﯿﻠﮱ ﺍﭘﻨﺎ ﺭﻭﻝ ﻧﻤﺒﺮ ﻟﮑﮫ ﮐﺮ ”ﺑﻮﺭﮈ ﮐﻮﮈ” ﭘﺮ ﺑﮭﯿﺠﯿﮟ ﮔﮯ۔
ﺗﻤﺎﻡ ﺑﻮﺭﮈ ﮐﮯ ﮐﻮﮈﺯ ﺩﺭﺝ ﺫﯾﻞ ﮨﯿﮟ۔

ﮔﻮﺟﺮﺍﻧﻮﺍﻟﮧ 800299
ﺭﺍﻭﻟﭙﻨﮉﯼ 800296
ﻻﮨﻮﺭ 80029
ﻓﯿﺼﻞ ﺁﺑﺎﺩ 800240
ﺑﮩﺎﻭﻟﭙﻮﺭ 800298
ﺳﺮﮔﻮﺩﮬﺎ 800290
ﮈﯾﺮﮦ ﻏﺎﺯﯼ ﺧﺎﻥ 800295
ﺳﺎﮨﯿﻮﺍﻝ 800292
ﻣﻠﺘﺎﻥ 800293

Candidate can also get thier result by clicking the link given below. All board of Punjab, KPK, Sindh, Balochistan and as well as Azad Jamu Kashmir results can also find by clicking the link given below

Check Online Result of Punjab Boards.

Online Result of KPK Boards.

Get Online Result for Sindh Boards.

Find Online Result for Baluchistan Boards.

View Online Result for AJK Boards.

Please contact us if you get any problem regarding online result Checking.

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