AIOU Workshop Report Writing for B.Ed. Program.

AIOU Workshop Report Writing for B.Ed. Program. We may also that How to write AIOU Workshop Report for B.Ed. Program. Here you will get complete and simplest ways of Report writing for AIOU B.Ed. workshop.

below we provide a sample of report writing. You can also make changes according to your requirements and daily routines and activities.

The workshop began at 2 P.M. with the name of ALLAH ALMIGHTY. The students and teachers were very Active and their face reflected their thirst of knowledge. Professor Muhammad Sajjad Sahib welcomed all the student and teachers with his welcome speech.

He said that, He felt utmost pleasure in welcoming the B.Ed student and teachers. He explained the features of AIOU B.Ed and briefed about the workshop. 

How to write AIOU Workshop Report for B.ed Program.

After that Sir. Mumtaz discussed about the aims and objectives of B.Ed course. then they spoke about the programme components of B.Ed.

Our respected sir gave clear outline about the theory courses and various practical works that include practical oriented assignments based on theory courses, school-based practical work, and work-shop based practical work and practice teaching.

They also briefed about the daily schedule. They said the entire student teachers would be divided into 10 groups and each day a group should take care of prayer, thought for the day and report of previous day proceedings.

After the lunch break, we were given chance to introduce ourselves and get acquainted with each other. We were then divided into 10 groups.

A nominee from each group was selected and they were given charge to handle his group activities every day 2 P.M. to 6.00 P.M.

With the task of writing a unit plan from our concerned subject, the first day of our workshop ended at 6.00 P.M.

In this way we completed our 2 weeks B.ed workshop , these were the great days on our life in which we learn how to teach in the best way. As well as we also learn from them that how to manages our work to write AIOU Workshop Report.

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