Combating Acts of Desecrating the Holy Quran, Pakistan

Combating Acts of Desecrating the Holy Quran, Pakistan. Pakistan’s Call for Action: Combating Acts of Desecrating the Holy Quran. Pakistan raises concerns at the United Nations regarding the urgent need to combat the growing acts of desecration against the Holy Quran.

Combating Acts of Desecrating the Holy Quran, Pakistan

Affront to Human Dignity

  1. Speaking at the UN Human Rights Council, Pakistan’s Permanent Representative to the UN offices in Geneva, Khalil Hashmi, emphasizes that these acts of desecration are not protected under the guise of free speech. Instead, they represent a direct assault on our shared humanity and human dignity.
  2. Draft Resolution for Accountability: The UN Human Rights Council is set to vote on a Pakistani draft resolution that calls for holding accountable those responsible for desecrating holy texts, including the Holy Quran. This resolution seeks to address the issue with urgency and ensure perpetrators are held responsible for their actions.

OIC’s Call for Action

  1. Support from the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC): The OIC has also urged for an immediate and serious dialogue concerning prevention, deterrence, accountability, and redressal measures in response to acts of desecration against religious texts. This collective call highlights the importance of addressing this issue globally.

As Pakistan raises its voice against the desecration of the Holy Quran, it emphasizes the need for concrete actions, accountability, and a concerted effort at the international level to prevent and address these disrespectful acts

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