Pronoun Lesson Planing of English for Grade 03.

Pronoun Lesson Planing. School Education Department – SED is now paying great attention for the quality of education in all public and private schools of punjab. In this regard SED punjab has issued orders for preparation of lesson plans before delivery of lesson to the students.

Here you will get complete and comprehensive methodology of English pronoun lesson plan writing.

Grade 3 Pronoun lesson plan
Grade 3 Pronoun lesson plan

School Education Department LESSON PLAN

Class 3 Subject English
Unit 8 Topic Pronoun
Duration 40 Mints


• Student will be able to Recall substitutions words learnt earlier.

• Recognize substitution words are pronouns. Indentify and use pronouns in sentences.

A/V Aids

Board, Chalk / market, textbook


Activity based teaching

Prior Knowledge

✓ Begin your lesson by writing on the board the words ‘ happy”, ‘tried’, ‘hungry’ , ‘ok’, ‘sleepy’, ‘good’, ‘sad’.

✓ Tell the students “I am happy”. Say this with gesture.


✓ Pronouns are words that take the place of nouns (common and proper).
✓ Personal Pronouns are used in place of a common or proper noun.
✓ Examples I, me, you, he, she, him, her, it, they, them.

✓ In English, different pronouns are used for masculine and feminine pronouns.

✓ Pronoun used for Masculine nouns are “he, Him” for feminine “she, her’; and for Neuter ‘it”.
✓ Remember to encourage the students when they give the right answer. Gently correct hem by repeating the correct answer if they are wrong.

✓ Involve the students is solving the problems given in the exercise at the end of unit / chapter.

✓ “I, you, he, she, it, we and they’ are subject pronouns. These are used in place of subject nouns people, things or animals that are doing the action for example Amna /Abbas likes to play.


• Now tell the students that all these pronouns (I, he, She, it, and they) tell about the person who is doing the action.

• Ask them which pronouns are used in place of nouns that tell us about the people/things on whom action is done?

• Now write the pronouns on the boards, in a box

Me, you, him, her, us, them, it

  • Now tell them, ‘me’ is used when one is talking about oneself.
  • ‘You’ is used when we are directly addressing or talking to someone. (2nd person)
  • ‘Him/her’ is used when we are talking about a girl or a boy (3rd person).
  • ‘Him’ is used for a boy and ‘her’ is used for a girl.
  • ‘Us’ it used when we are talking about ourselves and another (1 or more than one ).


✓ Give the students a quick recap by asking them examples of pronouns.

  • Ask them which pronouns tell us about the person/animals or thing that is doing the action and about the person/animals or thin g on whom the action is being done.


  • Monitor the assigned task in the classroom to assess how well students understand the concept of pronouns.
  • Check the work given in the classroom (activity 1) to judge the student’s ability to use pronouns correctly.

Home Work

Give sentences to identify pronouns in sentences.

  • Amna is a student she studies well.
  • The tree is big in garden. It is the only fruit tree
  • My Friend is enjoying vacations. She is happy
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