Proposal write-up, How to write a Research Proposal?

Proposal write-up, How to write a Research Proposal?. Here you will learn that how to write a research proposal before conducting a research. Complete step by step methodology of Proposal write up is given below.

Title of Proposal.

  • Title Should be between ( 20-22 ) words.
  • We cannot use colon(:), semi colon(;) and Hyphen(-) etc.
  • Our title is always the representation of out all research work.

1st Section. Introduction:

Introduction section is basically the introduction of our research work. This section contains the information regarding that What you are going to do?, What you have done? and What are you thinking?. What you are going to attempt through this research? What is main reason behind conducting this research?.

You have to introduce your working and provided little bit references and define it without going to explanation. Create a confined (Jameh) term for you work. A confined term for different words called Synchronous. Here you have to tell about problem. You may or may not write objective in the introduction section.

    2nd Section. Background.

    Background will be of that work on which you are working that what have done before, and what have not done. Due to which this research in need to be conduct. Here you will write supporting statements of your problem.

    You have to justify your work that what is the root cause of conducting this research. This is the demand of public to do work in this area. What will be the impact of this research in the society?

    Here you will also add recent references which are mandatory.

    If you are conducting research in 2020 then you should check that on this issue, any research have not been done yet till 2019. People are demanding to work in this area.

    In this last paragraph of background you have to write your problem.

    Proposal write-up? How to write a Research Proposal?

    How to write a Research Proposal
    How to write a Research Proposal

    3rd Section. Problem Statement

    From the last paragraph of the background you have to get problem statement. Problem / Issue of any research is always placed there.

    4th Section 4. Research Objectives

    Basically the solution of the problem is ultimately our objective.
    There should be 3-5 objective of any research. But normally we should have almost three objectives. In article, there should be only one objective.

    5th Section. Methodology.

    The method which you are going to use in your research is called methodology. Here you will use tell about your mythology that you will use in your research.

    6th Section. Contribution

    In this section you will write about the contributions in your research.

    7th Section. Signification.

    In this section you will tell about the signification of your research for the academia and as well as for the industry.

    8th Section. Organization of your Research

    Here you will discuss about the organization of your research thesis. You will tell about the composition of chapter and their related topics. Such that below.

    Chapter .1 ——————–>     (Topics)
    Chapter .2 ——————–>     (Topics)
    Chapter .3 ——————–>     (Topics)

    9th Section. References.

    This section would contains all the references used in your research.

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