SED Lesson Plan of Preposition for Grade 3| English Lesson Planing

SED Preposition Lesson Plan for Grade 3| English Lesson Planing. Get comprehensive methodology for the preparation of lesson plan. Download complete method that how to create an english lesson plan on the topic of preposition.

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SED Punjab
SED Punjab

School Education Department

Class: 3
Unit: 10
Topic: Prepositions Duration: 40 Mints


Student will be able to: Recognize the use of some words showing position

A/V Aids:

Board ,Chalk/ Pointer, white board marker textbook, duster


Activity based teaching.

Prior Knowledge

Questions the students to get their understand of topic

Where are you sitting ?
Answer would be ‘on the chair / on the floor’.


Ask the students the following questions to introduce the concept of prepositions and note the responses of the students on the board.

Where is your book?
Answer would be ‘on the desk or in the bag’.
Tell them that the word “in” is a preposition which tells the position of the ‘noun’ book.

Where is the duster?
Answer would be ‘in my hand/on the table’.
Explain how the words “on”, “in” are telling the position of nouns.

• Stand behind a student and ask the class:
Where am I standing?
Answer would be ‘behind Ali / Alisha’ etc.


a. Write the following sentences on the board.
b. Divide the students into pairs.
c. Ask them to fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions.

Preposition Bank (in, behind, on, under)

  • He is standing behind the class.
  • M cat is sitting under the chair.
  • Hey, you have a bee sitting on your shoulder!
  • She works in a factory.

(The activity has been solved for the help of the teacher).


✓ Ask the students to use preposition: in, on, under and behind in their own sentences.

✓ Remind them that if a book is under the table and they look for it on the table, they will never find it. That is why prepositions are very important. Without them it would be very difficult to find anything.


Ask students to write where they keep the following things at home.

  1. Toys (in the basket)
  2. Bag (on the table)
  3. Clothes (in the suitcase / wardrobe)
  4. Shoes (under the bed)
  5. Hairbrush (on the dressing table)
  6. Dustbin ( behind the door)

Home Work:

Give sentences to students to use prepositions ‘ under’, “in” and ‘ on’ in sentences.

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