UNHCR Cash Assistance Program for Afghan Refugees

UNHCR Cash Assistance Program for Afghan Refugees in Pakistan. The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) has successfully provided cash assistance to over one million registered Afghan refugees in Pakistan, who have been affected by the challenging economic conditions following the devastating floods of 2022. Combating Acts of Desecrating the Holy Quran, Pakistan

Collaborative Effort: UNHCR and Government of Pakistan

  1. Joint Collaboration: The cash assistance program was launched in January of this year through a collaborative effort between the UNHCR and the Government of Pakistan.
  2. Support for Refugees: The program aimed to provide financial support to Afghan refugees, helping them cope with the economic hardships caused by the aftermath of the floods.

Conclusion of the Program

  1. Successful Completion: The cash assistance program officially concluded at the end of June, marking a successful effort in providing support to Afghan refugees.
  2. Total Spending: Over the course of the program, a total of 17.8 million dollars was allocated for cash assistance, ensuring that the needs of the Afghan refugee population were addressed.

The UNHCR’s cash assistance program has made a significant impact in alleviating the economic challenges faced by Afghan refugees in Pakistan, demonstrating the collaborative commitment to supporting vulnerable populations during times of crisis. International Gandhara Symposium in Pakistan

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